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A Quick Thank You!

If ever a writer was blessed, it has to be me. I was quite nervous about my new adventure into the Suspense/Thillers genre. Most of my books thus far have been romance - yes a few Romantic Suspense, but it's been a while since I wrote in that genre.

As good as Romance has been to me, I admit I wanted more -- I love suspense, (romantic, psychological, paranormal and even horror). Those tales lend themselves to more complicated plots and a biggest cast of characters, and allow me to explore the dark and light sides of humanity, which has always been a passion.

The release of The Boy in the Barn darn near gave me hives! I was terrified no one would like it, or buy it. You guys proved me wrong and I am so grateful - you have no idea how grateful.

I found the most amazing narrator for this book, a woman, April McCoy who is just incredible . I preduce we'll have an audio version this month. And I am hard at work on the first book in my Psychies and Serial Killers series.

There is a love story in this series - actually two -- that span two decades, so be forewarned, the tale won't be completed in one book. I think it will take three to do it justice. I hope, when the time comes, you'll give it a try as well.

And I hope you have a fantastic weekend and your team (whichever that is) wins the Superbowl (if you're a football fan).

For anyone who hasn't gotten their copy of The Boy in the Barn, it's available in Kindle, on Kindle Unlimited and in paperback. Click on the image below to purchase.

Thanks again you wonderful people!



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