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Holiday time

Well, here we are - in the middle of a pandemic with Christmas headed at us like the Polar Express. Who's ready? Who wants to crawl under their bed and hide?

I'm kind of caught somewhere in the middle. It's been a challenging year in many ways, but I am still standing, so I will give thanks. And give some free books and discounts. Below is a list of books that will be either free or dramatically discounted this month. So, if you've missed any now's your chance to get them a lot cheaper.

I hope you will all have a wonderful Holiday season - surrounded by love and laughter, even if it's from a Zoom get-together. May the New Year bring you at least one dream come true.

Thank you all for being part of my life. You are one of life's blessings.

Much love and best wishes-



Books discounted to $0.99 and the dates - click on the title to open the link to Amazon

(I apologize that I don't have the links to Amazon UK but I am not set up there yet. The books will be the discounted price though!)

A Death in Texas 12/25-12/31

The Fire You Hold 12/25-12/31

The Senator's Daughter 12/25-12/31

Wrath - Voodoo's Angel 12/19-12/26

Reckless 12/19-12/26

Ruthless 12/19-12/26

Relentless 12/19-12/26

Darkness 12/19-12/26

Defenseless 12/19-12/26

Dauntless 12/19-12/26

Enlighten 12/22-12/29

Entrust 12/25-12/31

Endure 12/20-12/27

Undone 12/25-12/31

Unraveled 12/25-12/31

Unending 12/25-12/31

Staking a Claim 12/25-12/31

Taking a Chance 12/25-12/31

Making a Stand 12/25-12/31

Chase'n'Ana 12/25-12/31

Southern Comfort 12/25-12/31

Finding Justice 12/25-12/31

Baby I'm In 12/25-12/31

Playing for Keeps 12/25-12/31

Lookin' for Trouble 12/25-12/31

Grady Judd 12/25-12/31

Brody Judge 12/25-12/31

Jasper Jacks 12/25-12/31

Mason James 12/25-12/31

Gray Horse 12/25-12/31

Lincoln Shaw 12/25-12/31

Wiley Johns 12/25-12/31

Feels like the First Time 12/25-12/31

When You Least Expect It 12/25-12/31

Colton's Memory 12/25-12/31

Longing 12/25-12/31

Craving 12/25-12/31

Yearning 12/25-12/31

On My Knees 12/25-12/31

Ruffle my Feathers 12/25-12/31

A Taste for Jazz 12/25-12/31

Books discounted to $1.99

The Face You Fear 12/25-12/31

A Matter of Trust 12/25-12/31

The Territory of Lies 12/25-12/31

Renegades 12/25-12/31

That Which Survives 12/25-12/31

Element 115 12/20-12/27

Free Books

Ask Me to Stay 12/25-12/31

Coming Home 12/25-12/29

Deacon Johns 12/25-12/31

Game On 12/25-12/31

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