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In this difficult time we all need an escape ...

Hi everyone!

I know you're probably all a little like me and feel the need to escape the current state of affairs. Without books I would surely go mad.

I've been trying to come up with a way to make it easier for people to read, and while I'd like to give books away, Amazon will only allow so much of that. And with poor hubs in hospital, this old girl still needs to make a living, so the next best thing I could come up with was to make a bunch of books down to make it more affordable.

Here's a list of all the discounted books with links for you:


Books for $1.00 Box sets $2.99

Chase'n'Ana Hot in the Saddle, 4 book Set


Molding Clay


Staking a Claim The Whisperers 3 book Set

Making a Stand

Taking a Chance

Longing Legacy - 3 book Set



On My Knees The Seven - a 4 book dry (includes novella

Ruffle My Feathers (Kissed by Fire not published solo)

A Taste for Jazz

Rangers - a 2 book set

Wrath:Voodoo's Angel

Eternal Hunger - a three books set 1.49

For those of you in he UK, here is a link to my author page where uyou can find all of the books: Ciana's Author Page on Amazon UK

For Canadian readers here is a link to my author page

Ciana's Books on Amazon CA

And last bvut never least, for Australian readers:

Ciana's Books on Amazon AU

I am praying you all stay safe and well and this hardship does not damage you or your precious families.

If you are not part of my online world, please do join me on my author page for info, updates or if you just need to connect with someone.

Ciana's Facebook Page

Ciana's Facebook Reader's Group

Sending love and best wishes -


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