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Keep your lights on

June 26th, my newest book, Seven Bridges, will release, and you may want to keep you lights on for this one!

From Amazon reviewer CK Johnson 5.0 out of 5 stars The one book you will want to read this summer Reviewed in the United States on June 17, 2020

Isabelle is a woman who was a child of 8yrs went through a torturous, and murderous ordeal with her mother and her brother, the things she went through changed her in an unusual way. Isabelle moves on with her life and she is 17 yrs.old in college when she meets FBI agent Leo Grant who is on the case of the 7Bridges Killer and they would like to recruit her to help with the investigation, while she completes her education. She eventually meets Leo's boss and Sac Leader Gibson Foster who she falls in love with and he almost gets killed an ends up in a coma, she leaves the unit for the second time, and they don't see each other again for 8yrs. Gib is there to recruit her again to help again, he is not aware that her abilities have expanded, and she is willing to come out of hiding to make sure that catch the killer this time, but she also wants to more out of the life she hasn't been living. Isobelle thinks she has been safe all this time, but the killers have been keeping an eye on her. A game is set up by the killer to be played when Izzy comes back at the request of Gib. Now the game is on and they have to figure out how it is that the killer has been getting his information and how he never leaves any clues but now there are clues and the rules have changed. Izzy doesn't realize that she has been under scrutiny all along. The storyline is very intriguing. Characters keep you turning the pages. A total Suspenseful Thriller.

I do hope you'll give it a try. It will be available on Kindle, in Kindle Unlimited and in print.

Just click here or on the book image to preorder your Kindle copy or purchase a paperback.


Now: Here are a couple of new releases from friends, you might also enjoy: Click on the cover images to purchase on Amazon.

Plenty of paper millionaires jumped off half-finished buildings in 1926 when the Florida land boom went bust. One such tycoon disappeared from a luxury ocean liner in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Was EQ Edmunds just another victim of his own greed—or was his disappearance the final and most stunning hoax of his stunt-filled career?

Edmunds’ widow, Nesta, left penniless and humiliated by his disappearance, doesn’t believe he’s dead. She has to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find a private eye willing to take on the case.

PI Billy Heart has a chip on his shoulder and a skeleton that keeps banging on his closet door. He knows he should walk away from this case. But he’s a sucker for Nesta’s tears—and her red high heels.

From the exotic mansions of Tampa’s fabulous Bayshore Boulevard to the steamy underground tunnels and smoke-filled speakeasies of Ybor City, Billy Heart follows a trail of greed, lust, intrigue and danger to the surprising solution of this fascinating mystery based on a real-life disappearance that has never been solved.


An Alpha Cowboy, Feisty Woman Western Romance

She is a woman with a scandalous past. He is a man with a promising future.

Love is her weakness. It is his strength.

Her love is insecure. His love was meant to last.

Kate Walters returned to Pomona to restart her life with her daughter, Abby, only to find out that her house was illegally leased by her stepmother. With nowhere else to go, the young mother was forced to live with Joseph Dalton, a man she had loved for as long as she could remember.

Will a good man dare to love a woman with a scandalous past?

Find out!

This is a Steamy, Short and Sweet Western Romance Story. No Cliffhangers. Beauty and her Last is the third story in the Beauty in Kansas Series. If you love short romances with hot love scenes, a sweet story and a satisfying Happy Ever After, then this one is for you. It can be read as a standalone.

Content Warning: This story is written for Adult Readers Only. Some scenes are sexually explicit and are intended for mature audience.


Hope you all are safe, healthy and finding ways to enjoy the summer. Take care and be safe!

Love to all-


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