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"Addictive!  Hang on for a nail-biting thrill ride.  Stone knocks it out of the park with this one!  
- Candid Book Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars Wow Wow Wow!!

"This is my first book by Ciana Stone. It is a well-written page-turner, full of unexpected twists, captivating, dark, and romantic. Did I mention chilling and INTENSE? Recommended Reading.."

-Michael L.F. Slavin, Amazon Reviewer

The Boy in the Barn


Ciana began her adventures in publishing as a literary agent, a small press published author,  an art director for a small publisher and finally as an indie author and freelance book designer.

An avid reader, she has never called herself a fan of only one genre, although suspense thrillers do hold a special appeal.  


She's penned novels in romance, science fiction, paranormal  and sci-fi suspense thrillers and today is devoted to suspense thrillers, with a bit of a love story often included.

About Ciana
Coming Soon

A New Series

Psychics and Serial Killers

They make it their life's work to understand the mind of a killer, to track down those who prey on the innocent.  Along the way they form alliances with people who work outside the justice system, people whose skills are not the norm.  This is a series about such people and the toll their jobs takes on their lives and loves.

Release dates to be determined

7 Bridges

Psychics and Serial Killers Book 1

Touched by Evil

Psychics and Serial Killers Book 2

Behind the Rocking Horse

Psychics and Serial Killers Book 3

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