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She was a modern-day gypsy, never staying too long in one place. She said it was a case of wanderlust, but perhaps it was also a case of running from the truth of who and what she was.

Now, she answers a call from her oldest friend, a call for help. Young women are being kidnapped from the reservation where Sadie grew up. Some are sold. Others are murdered. She can't turn her back on the call, she has to try and help, and fate will steer her to someone capable of providing the kind of help she needs.

But there's a price for everything, isn't there? Accepting this help means facing painful truths about her past, her life and who she really is.

Life is about to get very complicated. And dangerous.


5.0 out of 5 stars Wow Wow Wow!!

"This is my first book by Ciana Stone. It is a well-written page-turner, full of unexpected twists, captivating, dark, and romantic. Did I mention chilling and INTENSE? Recommended Reading.."

-Michael L.F. Slavin, Amazon Reviewer

The Boy in the Barn

A psychological romantic suspense thriller
What reviewers are saying:
"Addictive!  Hang on for a nail-biting thrill ride.  Stone knocks it out of the park with this one!  
- Candid Book Reviews
Available on Amazon,
in Kindle, paperback and in Kindle Unlimited, and Audible audio

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Their childhood was dominated by pain and fear. They escaped the darkness at first chance, but darkness is a beast that doesn't let go easily, and now it's found them. It will be a battle that will threaten their lives and souls. The time to fight is almost at hand and this time, they can't run.



The latest from Stone, author of numerous western romance series plus other works, is a compelling small-town thriller in which the lives of a cult leader, a mother, and a long-lost lover get tangled up with the secrets of the past. When Sophie Morgan’s mother dies, she is forced to return to her small hometown in Georgia to handle her mother’s affairs, despite her aversion to spending time on the family’s farm. Bizarre occurrences start happening all around her, and when she’s flooded with memories from her childhood, she must begin to unpack some of her generational trauma. The mystery around her family and their land is uncovered when Sophie reunites with Luke, the love of her life. But while she attempts to reconcile the loss of her mother, Sophie also finds herself face to face with an unexpected evil.

The Boy in the Barn is entirely engrossing, although the content, which includes abuse and torture, may be difficult to digest. Stone’s scene-setting finesse and emotional acuity are impressive, and despite a heavy emphasis on violence, she delivers a skillful story powered by crisp dialogue and narrative momentum, using flashbacks to give her characters depth—and provide readers with welcome relief from the intensity of her plot, although at times the characters memories prove wrenching, too.

The joy of this mystery is embedded in its characters, specifically Sophie, a cautious but brave protagonist who will enrapture readers. The fight for good over evil and chaos rings throughout, and readers will cheer for Sophie and Luke’s love to win in the end. The character of Gideon, a most heinous antagonist, is compelling but lacks intricacy. Fans of mystery novels will find familiar plot points, but the narrative’s charm lies in the nuance of Stone’s people’s complex emotions, which make this combination of mystery and romance shine.

Takeaway: Returning to her childhood home reveals a sinister plot against the heroine’s life in this compelling mystery tinged with romance.

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"I have to say that every once in a while, I run across a book that leaves me speechless. This book is one of them. Ms. Stone proves once again that she can write in any genre and produce a winner. "

                                                                                                                                                                  - Amazon Reviewer, Terez Lyle                                                                            

About Ciana

Ciana began her adventures in publishing as a literary agent, a small press published author,  an art director for a small publisher and finally as an indie author and freelance book designer.

An avid reader, she has never called herself a fan of only one genre, although suspense thrillers do hold a special appeal.  


She's penned novels in romance, science fiction, paranormal  and sci-fi suspense thrillers and today is devoted to suspense thrillers, with a bit of a love story often included.

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She’s weathered all the storms life sent her way. A man who promised to love and cherish, cheated on her and left her penniless and homeless. Her mother’s love came with conditions she had a hard time meeting. She works three jobs to survive, pay her college tuition and take care of her dog.

Ivy reckoned she was equipped to face most anything life threw at her, but some things just aren’t in your wheelhouse. What happens when she arrives to service a swimming pool in an exclusive community is something she never imagined and is not prepared to handle. Being a witness to the aftermath of a bizarre murder paints a virtual bullseye on her back and sends her on the run with only her dog and what she can carry in a suitcase.

Now she has a choice. Trust a complete stranger or take her chances on her own. Were it not for the fact that her dog immediately trusts the hero who comes to her rescue, maybe she’d take her chances. Or not. This fear she feels is overwhelming and she’s not sure she’ll ever get to the other side of it without help.

Could her hero be the answer to that, or is she putting her trust in the wrong person?

AVAILABLE in ebook, paperback and hardcover.  Also available in Kindle Unlimited


Where the Mountains Kiss the Sky



Attention readers!! Picking up and reading this book will be one of the best decisions you have ever made BUT be warned - you will need a large chunk on time to dedicate to reading this suspenseful story because you will not want to put it down! - Amazon Review

A hit-and-run in the town of Brickton, Wyoming sets off a chain of events that has the town reeling. It also has Rylee Monroe being offered a promotion. No Limits the cyber security firm she works for, maintains all the web cameras placed in the town, the national parks and ski resorts. Their live stream brings in thousands of new visitors to the area. The previous director of the Brickton office died when he ran off the road and down a cliff. Now Rylee is tasked with discovering why there is no video footage of the hit and run that happened in the middle of town.

She doesn't expect to like Wyomiing but quickly falls in love with it. There's something that speaks to her when she looks at the night sky, the way the mountains kiss the sky and the galaxy of stars that smile on Wyoming. To her shock, she also quickly falls for Ike Brickman, a man sixteen years her senior, who lets her know right up front that he and she are not meant to be. He's too old for her, and that's that.

The problem with Ike's declaration is that Rylee doesn't quite believe him. His mouth says one thing, but his eyes say another.

Amidst a growing concern in Brickton when another man is killed and someone tries to kill Ike's son, the pressure mounts to discover who is responsible, and who is the next one with a bull's eye on their back. Can a growing attraction flourish in an atmosphere of fear?

We're about to find out.

AVAILABLE in ebook, paperback and hardcover.  Also available in Kindle Unlimited

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