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The Boy in the Barn

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A New Series

Psychics and Serial Killers

They make it their life's work to understand the mind of a killer, to track down those who prey on the innocent.  Along the way they form alliances with people who work outside the justice system, people whose skills are not the norm.  This is a series about such people and the toll their jobs takes on their lives and loves.

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7 Bridges

Book 1 in the Psychics & Serial Killers series


Releases June 26, 2000


"This is a book that will stay with you long after the final word. Ciana Stone writes about a victim in a way that makes you wonder if she understands this level of fear.  And the monster who haunts the lives of the characters is shockingly real.  A brilliant tale you won't want to put down,  but definitely not for the faint of heard."

                                                      - Candid Book Reviews

She was seven when the monster came and when he left that night, he took with him Isabelle's happiness, sense of security and belief in a God who would protect little children.  He left her with a promise, one that she could never forget and one that filled her with terror.

"We're not done, you and I.  You're my special girl, Isabelle.  I'll be back for you."

For twenty-five years, she's feared that promise and his whispers in her mind.  She's run from it, tried to deny it, looked for ways to forget or overcome it, and now she's ready to admit that there's only one way to reclaim her life.

Destroy the monster.  Or die trying.

Small Secrets

Psychics and Serial Killers Book 2

Behind the Rocking Horse

Psychics and Serial Killers Book 3

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