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Nothing ever happens in Cotton Creek. That's something people have been saying for years about this sleepy little Texas town. That might have been true once, but not anymore. Now there's a whole lot happening. Danger and love collide in this series of romantic tales that remind you just how wonderful falling in love can be.

Part 1: Honky Tonk Angels
If there’s one place in Cotton Creek that everyone loves, it’s the Honky Tonk Angels Bar and Grille. Here’s where people come to relax, enjoy the best barbecue in Texas and kick up their heels to live music, visit with friends, or lose themselves in a slow dance with the one they love.

And if they don’t have that special someone? Well, you never know who you might meet. And at the Honky Tonk Angels Bar and Grille, love is always in the air.

Part 2: Heartbreakers & Heroes
Cotton Creek Texas is home to a lot of good folks, one heck of a good Texas barbecue bar and grille and soon to be the new home of Sanctuary, a training and rehab center for Navy Seals. There will be wounds, both physical and mental to be healed, and maybe even a heart that needed mending. And where better to fall in love. It is, after all, the little town where love is the one thing that happens all the time.

Part 3: Heritage
Some things are bigger than yourself, like family and legacy.

Russell Walker knows all too well the price of keeping an empire strong and wanting to leave something solid and enduring for his family. That price is sleepless nights, long days of hard work and loneliness. He's sworn to devote himself only to family, to put himself and his desires last. And he has gotten very good at it.

Things are going change in the lives of the Walker family. There will be love and loss, and Russell won't be able to stop any of it -- not even his own feelings when a woman shows up in his life and turns things upside down. It's a love story he doesn't want and can't live without.


Part 4: The Rockies     The folks from Cotton Creek sure make a lot of friends and those friends always seem to end up a part of the family, or at least treated as such.  Join the men and women who discover that life in The Rockies is a whole new way of life.  They may have left the service but chances are there are still battles to face.  Drop in and see what happens when love lights up the Rockies 

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