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Gunner releases tomorrow!



If ever there was a man built for war, it was Gunner Hale. Some women said the same was true for lovin'. Gunner comes to conquer.

Gunner Hale earned his "claim to fame" being the biggest, strongest and hardest to take down SEAL in action. He thumbed his nose at fear and dared the enemy to take him down. He'd already faced the worst thing that could happen to a someone. There was nothing more life could take from him. He had his team mates, his best friend Riggs Walker and service.

Until the day a mission went very wrong and he ended up carrying Riggs out, still alive but not whole. Riggs lost a limb, but was restored to health through the efforts of a brilliant team of doctors and a woman who went through hell to help, and save him.

Gunner watched and wondered what it would feel to experience that kind of devotion and love, but sure never expected to find it. Then something unexpected happened. He met a military canine trainer, Major Oakley Rising Wolf. She was, without question his idea of the perfect woman. Built, beautiful and lethal. An ex-Ranger who changed specialties after a classified mission went south, she was the hottest thing to ever hit his radar.

Their meeting offers attraction, passion and a fight. Seems Major Rising Wolf has enemies with old scores to settle. She won't be facing them alone. Now that Gunner has found her, he's got no intention of letting go.

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1 comentário

Linda Pepin
Linda Pepin
07 de abr.

I am a big fan of your stories, especially the Cotton Creek series. I am concerned about the errors I encounter in spelling and grammar.

I am a voracious reader and would be happy to help proof your work if you are interested.


Linda Pepin

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